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More than 40 years ago, Tom Greene established Custom Rod and Reel as the go-to shop for local fishermen.

While specializing in building high quality custom fishing rods and outfitting boats for fishing fun, as well as for participating in tournaments, our shop is a local fishermen’s meeting point.

For many years we have been the one-stop outfitter for all your fishing needs. We carry quality saltwater tackle for all sizes of fish… from big game rods and deep-drop rigging to light casting tackle, spinning or fly-fishing outfits. While specializing in sport and big game fishing tackle, we also supply fresh water game fish equipment as well.

If you want to know what’s biting or where to go fishing, give us a call or better yet, stop by the store in Lighthouse Point.

Tom GreeneTom Greene


When Tom Greene was 11 years old, he started working in a tackle shop based in Boca Raton, Florida. When he was 22 he opened his own fishing tackle store in Deerfield Beach. As a well known professional fisherman, Tom holds many fishing world records. In addition to participating in international fishing tournaments, Tom is interested in golf and bowling and he recently wrote a book called “A Net Full of Tails” about his years of fishing experience and some of the interesting people he knows. Tom Greene is one of the largest collectors of antique fishing tackle in the world, being considered an authority on antique reels. You can learn more about his antique reel collections at www.antiquereels.com

Mike ThiseMike Theis

Rod Builder

Mike Theis  moved with his mom from Chicago to South Florida when he was one year old. He thanks her every day for giving him the opportunity to fish year round! Mike grew up fishing on Pompano pier and started building fishing rods at fifteen. When he was nineteen, he started working with Tommy Greene at Custom Rod & Gun which is currently Custom Rod & Reel. For over 25 years he has been building high quality custom rods and loves his job.

Jordan SmithJordan Smith

Store Manager

Jordan was born in Margate, Florida. His dad got him into boating and fishing at a young age. He went to Flamingo in Everglades National Park at four years old and his passion for fishing grew from there. At age eight Jordan and his family moved from Florida, but returned 5 years later. Jordan started working for Tom at sixteen when they made a deal on a fishing rod. The deal was that he could take the rod and use it, but had to work on Saturdays to pay it off. Little did Tom know he wouldn’t be able to get rid of him! Jordan has now been working for 10 years at Custom Rod and Reel and has done everything from stocking the shelves to repairing reels. Now he’s managing the shop and he is still an avid fisherman!