Mad Mantis Cherry Popper 170

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Madd Mantis Cherry Poppers – The focus in making the Cherry Popper was to make a super durable popper that throws far, does not tumble when worked in rough seas, is not too heavy to throw all day, and doesn’t break the bank. What Mad Mantis Tackle Works ended up with was a floating popper with a reputation to catch the biggest of fish when all other baits fail to produce.

– The Cherry is injection molded in a proprietary ABS plastic, making it as strong and resilient as the bumper of your car.
-The bait’s two chambers are fused together using a sonic welding technology. This technology melts the two sides together using hypersonic vibrations, creating a finished bait that is strong and watertight.
– The through wire system thoughtfully runs in a closed channel down the belly of the bait, reducing the chance of sea water getting inside the bait.

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