Post Hurricane Matthew

In the middle of October, with the onset of our first northerly winds here is South Florida, we found good sailfish action on the blue/green edge around 180 ft. The kite was working and we even got to cast to a pod of hungry sails balling ballyhoo on the surface. We used Shimano Talicas 16’s for the kite and Shimano Sarasoga spinners on the flatlines. Ended up 5-5 on sailfish over two days. We also caught bonitas and a nice wahoo on the vertical jig.

Then we decided to head offshore and found the debris from Hurricane Matthew. Schools of mahi mahi were everywhere but moving fast. Our tactic was casting livebaits to them for the initial bites and 1 oz Spro jigs out far if they moved away. Once again the vertical jig came in handy to help bring up packs of mahi from the deep, along with a couple fat blackfin.
Seems like we have a similar pattern setting up and hopefully sailfish season brings lots of fun for everyone.

Capt. Roger Stepp