Custom Rods

Custom Rods means getting exactly what you want.

Why a custom rod?

For fishermen who are truly passionate about the sport and want only the best quality and performance,
a custom rod is recommended. For some fishermen, a custom rod is mandatory.

Our customers are building customized rods for functionality, utility and aesthetics. We’re providing all customization options available and we’re proud of our high quality rods.

Our custom rods

Mike Theis, our knowledgeable master rod builder will begin by assisting you in designing a rod around your specific needs. Then he will select the best possible blank and components available today.

Custom Rod and Reel specializes in outfitting big game and tournament fishing boats. We are however building any type of rod should it be fresh or saltwater.

Rod art

The custom rod builder is fitting the rod to you and your needs. It can be considered a highly specialized tool.

Many custom rod builders are true craftsmen as rod building is an art. Customize the color of the rod, guide wraps or decorative wraps to match your preference. Many customers are matching the color of the boat or use custom writing for personalized messages.

Custom rod

custom rod sample